One-of-a-Kind Designs

When we make or sell jewelry, we always try to get it right.   

Some of our one-of-a-kind creations explore the intersection of art and tradition, freedom and Mother Nature. 

Our inspiration? The reaction in the eyes of the beholder ...

Limited Edition

In-House Collections

Some collections evolve over a distinct period of time.

This approach, versus a one-of-a-kind, allows us to nurture, examine and treasure possibilities in a featured aesthetic.

We make jewelry that appeals to a wider audience, at times, and strive to engage a niche dialogue with imagination. 

Special Orders

Custom Made

Made to order jewelry is one of our leading specialties.  

Need a duplicate of a historical object, a class ring, or do you want us to fabricate to specifications and exceed your desires?

We rely on tradition and modern methods; depending on the project, we create by hand, via milling and the latest rapid prototyping technologies. 

Jewelry Repairs

Remount / Restyle

All of our jewelry repairs are done on premises.

Basic watch repairs can be performed on a while you wait basis; we may work with a factory, directly, or with designated technicians.

We often transform heirlooms into modern treasures. Whether it's starting from scratch or reclaiming a period piece, a basic reset or a more involved recycling - we'll help you decide on the best option.


Jewelry Evaluations

There are a variety of appraisal services we offer.

Insurance companies can provide "like kind" replacement value or agreed to values for cash settlements. Comparable replacement of items no longer in production, where a secondary market exists; and fair market value, between willing buyers & sellers, without compulsion, with all relevant facts, are all approaches we evaluate via auction houses, estate sales and our industry experience. 

We prefer to discuss your needs confidentially and in person.